When to Call Your Lawyer After a Vehicle Collision

Nobody desires to get into an accident or is ready for a collision when one occurs. In the United States alone, over 30,000 people die from car collisions each year. Of course, that doesn’t count the 2 million individuals who annually suffer injuries from wrecks. Many of these people end up requiring a vehicle collision lawyer.

Even if you are not using another person responsible for the car accident, you may require the help of an attorney to receive the funds you need from your insurance company. But it helps to know just when you should give your lawyer a call. In this article, we will discuss the situations that warrant a call to your lawyer after a vehicle collision.

  1. Serious Injury

After the car accident, did you or anyone in your vehicle suffer broken bones, injuries that may cause permanent physical problems, or hospitalization? If so, this is a time when you should contact an attorney.

  1. Death

If an individual involved in the collision died as a result of the crash, contact a lawyer immediately. This is recommended whether the deceased person was a passenger to your vehicle or of the opposing car in the wreck.

  1. Fault

When it’s clear which party to the collision is at fault, it is a good idea to seek legal guidance.

  1. Inaccurate Police Report

If the police report has been made using inaccurate information, this can negatively impact the outcome of your claim. For example, if the report states you at fault when this is not the case, you will need the help of an attorney to aid you in fighting the case.

  1. Insurance Problems

If a vehicle involved in the collision was not insured, or if you did not pay your premium/limits of insurance are too low, call an attorney to help.

  1. Other Attorneys are Involved

Should anyone else involved in the car accident call an attorney, you do not want to face the case without a lawyer of your own.

  1. Additional Parties

In the instance of other involved persons, such as those in another vehicle or even pedestrians, it is a good idea to seek out legal counsel.

Of course, other circumstances would be better handled with the help of an attorney. These include times when you are not sure of your rights, stuck in negotiations with your insurance company, and when you are not sure of the good faith of your insurance company.

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