What Are The Top 4 Causes For Accidents?

Unwanted consequences can occur when you get into a car accident. These consequences can include but are not limited to, loss of income and permanent injuries. It seems that most drivers would do everything possible to avoid causing an accident in the first place. In fact, there are several preventative measures that drivers can take to avoid collisions once they understand why they occur.

Even though some causes seem obvious and redundant to more experienced drivers, the following list aims to educate all drivers regardless of age and/or years of driving experience. Armed with this information, you can have the knowledge you need to enjoy a lifetime of accident prevention no matter where you go.


You have seen them on the road. You know those drivers who arrogantly ignore the posted speed limit and travel at speeds that are 10, 20, or even 30 miles above the allowed speed limit.

Speeding accounts for a large percentage of fatal car accidents, and when a driver travels faster than they should, this greatly increases the chance of a car accident.

Remember, the fast a person drives, the slower the reaction time in order to prevent an accident.

Distracted Driving

Do you know the number one cause for car accidents? No, it is not the driver who drove drunk from the bar or the driver who ran through a red light. It is the distracted driver.

Distracted drivers are motorists who have their attention diverted from the task at hand which is driving. They can be distracted by their smartphone, texting and driving, a passenger in the car or by eating food.

Bad Weather

When the weather becomes bad, so do the roads. Whether it is snow, ice, or rain, any weather that affects the road’s surface will also affect how well drivers are able to maintain control of their vehicles.

It is common for vehicles to spin out of control and skid while braking when the weather is bad. To avoid being in an accident during inclement weather, drive slowly and increase the braking distance between you and the car in front of you. However, if you are able to, it is best to stay at home until the bad weather is over.

Reckless Driving

If you fail to drive carefully, you can easily find yourself in a car accident that was completely preventable. This often occurs with speeding drivers. When you are on the road near a reckless driver, do your best to safely get to the lane farthest from them; swerving in an out of lanes to avoid them is not suggested, though. Falk & Falk Accident Attorneys have seen more of these cases than they have hoped for; the reckless driver causes other drivers to start driving recklessly!

They swerve in and out of traffic, they change lanes and cut other drivers off, and they are generally speeding while doing this. These are the types of aggressive drivers that are too impatient to wait in traffic.

It is important to be extra vigilant when you are around them so you can avoid being the victim in a car accident.

These are four of the most common causes of car accidents. Unfortunately, car accidents do occur, but by practice safe driving, you can reduce your chances of being in one.

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