7 Custom Wristband Innovations for Fitness & Health

Wristbands have gone beyond being a basic fashion statement or an exercise tool. With the popularity of smart watches, it was only a really small step towards the creation of innovative wristbands that can deliver various benefits to its wearer.

If all you’ve heard about are medical alert bracelets or smart watches – then you’ll be very surprised at what else has been done with wristband technology. Here are some examples:

Fitness Wristband image

Night Agency RFIDlifeband for Pregnant Women

This wristband is specially designed to remove the worry from pregnant women who are juggling family life, pregnancy, and work. The Night Agency Wristband acts as a handy reminder to tell its wearer about appointments, checkups, and even the birth of the baby. It’s a good way to maintain vigilance during the pregnancy months without overloading your senses with everything that must be done. Even better, the product actually alerts UNICEF when a baby has been born, allowing them to better keep track of the population.

Orca Power Strap Charger

Having a reliable powerbank on your side is always a good idea – making sure your phone always has enough juice to get you out of tight situations. Orca Power Strap takes things one notch better by turning a wristband into a powerful charging station. The band is a very practical addition to your accessories and removes the need to keep a large powerbank in your bag. Despite its small size, the charger also contains enough juice to bring your phone to 100 percent.

Skip the Shake for the Flu Conscious

The Skip the Shake wristbands isn’t exactly tech-advanced; but it is definitely innovative. This simple wristband basically tells the world that you want to skip shaking hands and maybe just smile and wave at each other for a simple greeting? The blue wristband works much like a signal so there’s no awkward “reaching” in between introductions, minimizing contact with others. Considering the pandemic scare, this is really a useful innovation.

Stay Healthy with B1 Basis Band

If you’re into keeping fit – the B1 Basis Band is always a good choice. This particular wristband functions as a heart monitor – perfect for those who run or walk for fitness purposes. It also doubles as a watch and calendar with a touch pin interface rather than a touchscreen. You can also use it to keep track of your sleep patterns and various other information to maintain better health. It’s also relatively cheap compared to other gadgets and with a straightforward function – you never have to worry too much about what it can do.

Tovicorrie Lotus Wristband to Keep your Money Safe

This particular wristband has a secret compartment where you can stash your money. Unobtrusive, there’s little chance you’d attract the attention of thieves while outdoors just trying to enjoy your life. From the outside, this wristband looks like a basic accessory with colorful patterns such as hummingbirds, butterflies, and even trees. Just don’t let anyone see you taking money out of it and you should be able to keep your cash safe.

Diabetic Wristbands of Gluco(M)

Definitely one of the better innovations today, the Gluco(M) makes it possible for diabetics to track their sugar levels. The product functions with the help of an electrical flow that deciphers insulin levels and then tells a diabetic person if their sugar is too low or too high. It even comes with chambers that let you high insulin so that you can administer treatment at a moment’s notice. It’s definitely a great idea and perfect for diabetics who want to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

MP3 Watches

Are you tired of always bringing a phone with you when jogging? These MP3 watches might be the answer. They can double as smartphones – providing you with some of the most basic functions of a typical mobile. Plus, they can be connected to your earphones so you can enjoy heart-pumping music during a jog.

Of course, those are just some of the wristband innovations available today. With each year, newer and more accurate versions are made available in the market, improving both health and safety among the public. If you can’t find one you like in those that were mentioned here, you’ll definitely find one that fits you later on!

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